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5th Oct


Being the most mobile joint with the greatest range of motion the shoulder joint is most susceptible to dislocations or subluxations (partial dislocation). Common Causes • Sports injuries in which there are hard direct hits to the shoulder as in hockey, ...

28th Dec


關節退化 問題在香港十分常見。其實這是一個所有人都會遇到的煩惱,只是時間上的問題而已。 關節退化 的病徵往往比較反覆,很多人甚至說與天氣變化掛鈎,難道 關節勞損 ...

21st Dec


何謂 拇趾外翻 ( Hallux Valgus )? 如果大腳趾(拇趾)開始向第二腳趾靠攏,不再指向前面反而指向外側,這種情形就叫 大腳趾外翻,亦稱 拇趾外翻。英文是Hallux ...

18th Jun


by Dr. Benjamin Chow Regular sport activities is beneficial to the health of the body.   However overuse injuries and specific injuries around the joint in sport activities are directly related to the development of early osteoarthritis of the joints.  ...

8th Jun


The Rugby Shoulder – Shoulder injury in rugby players   by Dr Benjamin Chow   Rugby is a high contact sport with high incidence of injury.  Shoulder injuries comprise 20% of all rugby injuries and is the second most commonly injured joint ...

27th May


你的小朋友有 腳踭痛,跟住有人就話係 腳板底筋膜炎? 足底筋膜炎實際上是一個勞損性的疾病,所以兒童極少受到影響。香港的小朋友把玩 ...

26th May


Your child has heel pain and someone said it is plantar fasciitis? Children very rarely suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, which is actually a wear-and-tear disease. Rather, the pathology bears a different name, called Sever’s Disease. It is also known ...

16th May


「彈弓手」或「扳機指」(trigger finger) 學名為「手指屈曲肌腱腱鞘炎」(Stenosing Flexor ...

14th May


微創脊椎手術的發展比外科來得較後,要到大約80年代後期才開始有明顯的進步,香港的情況更滯後。 ...

13th May


「彈弓手」並非只出現在中年人,連嬰幼兒都會患上。幼兒彈弓手 通常影響拇指(trigger thumb)。 「兒童彈弓手 」 ...